Prices may vary upon consultation and your stylist’s skills, abilities, and expertise. Additional charges are incurred for extra long or extra thick hair.


C Creative, SS Senior Stylist, MS Master Stylist, LuLu



C$40       SS$45       MS$50       LuLu$70


C$19       SS$22       MS$25       LuLu$28

Kids (12 & under)     

C$18       SS$20       MS$22       LuLu$25


Beard Trim: $5


Bang Trim: $9 


Short Perm

C$85       SS$90      MS$95     LuLu$110

Medium Perm

C$100     SS$105    MS$115    LuLu$125

Long/Specialty Perm

C$125     SS$130    MS$135    LuLu$150


Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation on how to achieve more volume, length, or a pop of color with our hair integration systems.

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Evolve Hair Volumizer: Consultation required

Lollipop Extensions: $25 each


Shampoo Blow-Dry

C:  $35       SS:  $35       MS:  $35       LuLu:  $40

Thermal Styling Add-On$15

additional w/curling and/or flat iron

Shampoo Set:  $35

Formal Styling$75+

Long Hair Formal Styling$90+


All of our chemical services include a cut and style. All prices may vary upon consultation and according to your colorist's skills, experience, and abilities.


Retouch Color  (Single process/retouch)  

C$85      SS$90      MS$95     LuLu$110


C$105    SS$110    MS$120   LuLu$145 

Highlights & Color     

C$140    SS$150    MS$160   LuLu$190


C$190    SS$200    MS$215   LuLu$250

Gloss Tones 

C$25       SS$27      MS$30     LuLu$35   

Color Correction: $250+ 


Aveda's Dry Remedy Moisture$15

A fast-acting intense treatment that brings hydration and vitality to dry hair.

Aveda's Damage Remedy Protein$15

Strengthen hair from the inside out to repair & reinforce damaged hair.

Aveda's Damage Remedy Intensive Treatment$25

An intensive treatment to help strengthen damaged, weak, and over-processed hair.

Aveda's Botanical Repair Treatment$40

Instantly revives and strengthens fragile hair for a visibly healthier look.  


Aveda's Pramasana Scalp Treatment$50

A deep cleanser for dandruff or scalp build-up that helps balance sebum levels.

Keratin Color Lock & Smooth$40

For any hair texture after color service, straightens hair from frizz.


A simple 2-step process that corrects damaged hair caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.


Keratin Blowout Treatment$250

Maximum strength smoothing treatments with ultimate curl reduction, shine, and smoothing lasting 12-16 weeks.


Keratin Express Blowout$85

Maximum frizz control & humidity protection with medium curl reduction lasting 6-8 weeks.


Additional charge for extra long or extra thick hair.

48 hour cancellation notice and deposit required.