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Prices may vary upon consultation and your stylist’s skills, abilities, and expertise.

Additional charges are incurred for extra long or extra thick hair.


CS Creative Stylist, SS Senior Stylist, MS Master Stylist, LL LuLu

Hair cut



CS$50      JS: $55       SS$60        MS$65        LL$85


CS$26      JS: $28       SS$30        MS$32        LL$34

Kids (12 & under)     

CS$24       JS: $26      SS$28        MS$30        LL$32

Beard Trim: $7


Bang Trim: $10  

Hair styling


Shampoo Blow-Dry:  $50+

Thermal Styling Add-On:  $15

additional w/curling and/or flat iron

Shampoo Set:  $50

Formal Styling:  $80+

Long Hair Styling:  $95+

hair dye


All of our chemical services include a cut and style. All prices may vary upon consultation and according to your colorist's skills, experience, and abilities.


Retouch Color  (Single process/retouch)  

CS$100    JS: $105     SS$110     MS$115      LL$130


CS$110    JS: $120     SS$130     MS$140      LL$160

Highlights & Color     

CS$155    JS: $165     SS$175     MS$185      LL$215


CS$220    JS: $230     SS$240     MS$250      LL$290

Gloss Tones: $40    

Color Correction: $300+ 

hair loss


Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation on how to achieve more volume, length, or a pop of color with our hair integration systems.

More information>


Evolve Hair Volumizer: Consultation required

Lollipop Extensions: $25 each

Hair Conditioning


Aveda's Nutriplenish Treatment:  $40

Instantly hydrate and restore softness to dry hair. Leaves hair lush and visibly healthier. 

Brazilian Split End Treatment $45

Instantly repairs existing damage while dramatically reducing future damage. Leaves hair healthier and strengthens ends with less breakage. 

Keratin Color Lock & Smooth:  $45

Locks in hair color and prevents fading. Acts like an express keratin that keeps the natural curl and control frizz.

K18:  $45

Experience the strengthening and restorative power of our PRO mist and mask, clinically proven to revive damaged hair for immediate and lasting results.

Aveda's Botanical Repair Treatment $50

Improves the look and feel of damaged hair. Strengthen and repair all three layers of hair from the inside out.  


Aveda's Scalp Solutions Treatment $50

Help reduces excess sebum, restores a clean scalp, and provides a cooling, refreshing sensation. It also helps break up any build-up.

Olaplex Treatment:  $50

Repairs broken bonds while restoring strength and elasticity of hair. Helps prevent from further breakage.

Perm hair


Short Perm

CS$100     JS: $105     SS$110      MS$115      LL$140

Medium Perm

CS$115     JS: $120     SS$125      MS$130      LL$155

Long/Specialty Perm

CS$140     JS: $145     SS$150      MS$155      LL$185

hair straightening & smoothing


Brazilian Blowout:  $350

Great for all hair types to get smooth frizz-free hair for up to 12 weeks. Customizable to keep and define your curl or go for a sleek and smooth look. No waiting period, you can leave the salon and wash your hair, exercise, or put it in a ponytail or clip!

Keratin Blowout Treatment $250

Maximum strength smoothing treatments with ultimate curl reduction, shine, and smoothing lasting 12-16 weeks.


Keratin Express Blowout $95

Maximum frizz control & humidity protection with medium curl reduction lasting 6-8 weeks.

Add'l charge for extra long or extra thick hair.

48 hour cancellation notice & deposit required.

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