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lulu benavidez

Lulu believes in the excitement of creation, such as the ability to create freshness, boldness, and softness in any individual. Through the talents of her salon, and directed by the inspiration of her heart, Lulu invites clients to join her on the journey of Lulu’s Salon to gratify the fondness for a better spirit of the individual.

Lulu Benavidez and her creations have appeared in more than 60 international fashion journals. Her work has been featured in Modern Salon, LaunchPad, Salon Plus, Vibra, Salon Today, and Elle Magazine. Awards for Lulu’s Salon include Galveston’s Best Full-Service Salon, the country’s 200 Fastest Growing Salons, and Lulu’s mention as Hairdresser to the Stars courtesy of the Galveston Grand Opera.

Talents that Lulu has accumulated in her salon are unmatched in the industry. The multi-licensed stylists, the acute business management, and the elegance of the day spa itself speaks volumes.

A family-based salon for over 40 years, Lulu herself is in the ‘first chair’ to welcome you to the experience of Lulu’s Salon and Spa.

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